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Anyone here using LeoList?

Just wondering who uses it & how was the experience?

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How to have fun with a sex worker if you don’t last long?

Hi everyone! ​ So I have had sex a couple of times with sex workers but I cum incredibly quick (10 seconds). If I go a second time within 5 minutes or less I’m able to last a bit longer (around 4 – 8 minutes). Problem is that all of the sex workers I have […]

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HX has underage providers being coerced

Bookers keep the word from getting out to the whole site. I have given every bit of information I have on as many providers on the site to law enforcement. Where they work out of(hotels/apartments), phone numbers, pictures of girls and screenshots of different clubs, which hotels they deem as safe from law enforcement. I […]

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Chaturbate beginners…

So, my SO and I recently started streaming on chaturbate. Our problem is that we have next to no idea what we’re doing or how to even get a room going. Our luck so far has been random visitors every now and then that want to drop some tokens, but no regular tippers or even […]

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Clients in Melbourne, Australia

Is it me or has business in Melbourne been really slow lately and the clients have been in a different demeanor? The past couple of weeks have been a drag to get any serious clients!

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Sex Worker Journal- Good idea?

Ok so for the past year, even before I was a sex worker, I journal and basically document everything and keep track of my goals. For example: MAY 2019 MAIN GOALS- – Save $500 – Stick To morning routine – Read more – Finally do a split (Next page) FINANCES/MENTAL HEALTH/ FITNESS(all diff. pages) (I […]

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Needing advice

So, I’m a 20 yr old male college student. For context, I’m a virgin located right in the middle of the bible belt, around Arkansas and Missouri to be precise. I’ve tried and failed countless times to go on dates with women, or to get a girlfriend. Sometimes I feel that I’ll never get a […]

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I Love Prostitutes

Prostitutes in Amsterdam are amazing. I met this lovely dark and skinny girl with a huge ass and pretty face. I’ll leave out her name and age, but she was two months in and in her lower 20s. I walked in and we talked about the contract. She offered 50 Euro for 15 min, no […]

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do you let your clinets use delayer ?

There is some good meds out there that let us last for hours! of course Timing can be controlled with dosage and meds type So can your clinets use delayer if they booking for longer hours or pay more, are good looking, smell’s good… Eddit:some meds pervents body from ejaculation even after 12 h taking […]

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