Dating (and breaking up with) a sex worker

Five months ago, I started dating a sex worker. It was wonderful. We love each other very much, and we’re so compatible it’s almost funny.

She told me that she had quit sex work, and got another job. It turns out that she was lying. I found out, we argued, I forgave her, and we moved on. At no point did I ask her to give up sex work, or imply it; I told her, many times, that we could discuss the terms of her work if she wanted to continue it. (It’s almost a moot point, since I can pay for all her expenses, and frequently do help out when she’s in a tough spot financially.) When the subject came up a month ago, she told me that she had quit for good. Yesterday, I found out that she was lying the entire time. She seems to have extreme guilt about her work–or perhaps she just can’t stop “managing” me on the issue. I’ve tried to make it clear that the bigger issue is not the work itself, but her dishonesty.

Anyway, we’re going to talk tomorrow. I don’t know what to do anymore. I love this girl, but she’s broken my trust twice and doesn’t seem willing to stop keeping me in the dark.

Is dating sex workers always this hard?