Guy thinking about going to a legal brothel in Nevada, what kind of experience should I be looking for?

Hello everyone,

I’m a late twenties guy and I’m still a virgin but tired of it (TLDR dated a few times in high school and college and did some sexual stuff, but never actually had sex). I want to start dating again but my virginity feels like an enormous boulder on my shoulders that I know I’d be a lot more confident without. So I’m thinking about taking a week off from work at some point and flying down to Nevada and going to a brothel.

However I’m not exactly just looking to stick my dick into a sex worker and go “yay I’m not a virgin anymore!” I’d prefer it if the sex worker was actually willing to help me out/educate me a bit as to how to please a lady sexually.

I’ve already been reading online about complaints women often have in bed

– Men don’t do enough foreplay
– Men don’t communicate enough
– Men think sex is done once they cum and they don’t care whether the woman had an orgasm or not

So a few questions I have are:

1. Would a sex worker mind if a guy wanted to engage in foreplay for a while before penetration?

2. Are sex workers actually willing to help out/educate guys if they want advice?

3. What if the guy wants to learn how to eat you out? Is that cool or do sex workers just want to please the client?

I’ve heard about GFEs (Girl friend experience) and I think brothels offer that. Maybe that fits what I’m looking for?

I literally know next to nothing about sex work besides what I’ve been reading about the past few days, so idk if what I’m looking for makes sense or if sex workers really just want the client to get his rocks off and then go away.