I discovered client had what looked/felt like a skin tag on his dick while giving bbbj. He claimed it happened from getting his dick caught in his pants zipper. ???

I now feel like an idiot for not paying close attention from the beginning. I didn’t assume it was STD related, but when I asked about it and he gave me that answer that seriously lowered my confidence. Especially because he started out by saying “Have you seen the movie ‘There’s Something About Mary’- yeah I got my dick stuck in the zipper.” Referencing something in a movie with something that apparently happened IRL isn’t a way to establish credibility, at least not for me anyway. Just makes it seem even less believable to be honest.


Also, I had seen this person once before (long time ago) and have no prior recollection of the presence of this physical attribute, which I’m almost positive I would have noted. It wasn’t huge, but it was pretty raised/bulbous so quite noticeable touching either by hand or mouth. That makes me even more inclined to believe his explanation isn’t legit. However I realize I could just be overly paranoid/doubtful. There was only one of these things, so it wasn’t like an outbreak. But I honestly don’t know a whole lot about herpes/genital warts etc. so I don’t know if they usually occur in multiples or it could just be a single thing. Wondering if others might have better insight into this? To be honest, it pissed me off. At the very least I feel like the guy should have warned me ahead of time that it was there so I knew- and if it’s something innocuous like what he’s claiming I see no reason why he couldn’t have. Just makes it seem like he was trying to avoid talking about it. From my experience when clients have any sort of special physical attribute they usually tell me before we get intimate. Which is the considerate thing to do and makes its significantly less awkward.