Navigating outcalls to hotels

I have screened a potential client , checked his references and Id checked him on vh . And he put down a deposit of $600 as a hotel/cancel fee . I have never booked a hotel in my life . I have done many outcalls to hotels but don’t have much experience with hotel staff. Been looking at the hotel subreddits and seeing how the staff talks about short stay guest that happens to be women and how they look suspicious and feel like they’re trafficked . Which is fucked but I’m concerned. I dress casual never anything too whoorish .i don’t want any problems . I’m planning on using my debit card on my name and my real number ofcourse , don’t have a credit card . I’m also planning on staying just for a few hours . Another issue is if you google my real name , it has a record for my prostitution charge and idk if that can be potentially bad. I really want to go through with this session . I’ve also planned to record some clips in the room . I’m not nervous about the session , just the atmosphere of the hotel , should I cancel ?